Loving Where We Live

What people are saying about For The 10...

As the pastor of Saint Walter Catholic Church, I cannot emphasize enough how blessed we have been since our leadership teams have attended our local GLS. We now have an amazing common vision accepted from the leadership to our grassroots. Our sense of intentional leadership became stronger and sense of building bridges widened. Goals are being met and souls replenished. Thank you Mission Church for leading the way to exceptional leadership!
— Father Mario Quejadas; Pastor: Saint Walter Parish
The work that For The 10 has done, by bringing the GLS to our community, has had an immeasurable impact not only on my business but my family’s life as well. I wholeheartedly attribute my companies nationally recognized success, caring culture and growth to the teachings we have learned from the Global Leadership Summit in Roselle. For The 10’s impact has definitely reached my family life as well by being able to teach and model for my children the importance of volunteering and caring for others through the Holiday Gift Mart, Project Just Start and being involved in our community.
— Todd Eichholz; Owner: A&A Paving
For The 10 has been an amazing support to our families, staff, and community. I want to stress that the supports do not just come in the form of things: backpacks filled with supplies, gifts for our families during the HOLIDAY GIFT MART, soccer balls-nets for our Army Trail Soccer Camp, playground equipment, computer laptops for student use, financial support to assist some of our neediest families who are struggling with illness-homelessness, mentors to be role models for our kids…and the list goes on and on…

The support also comes in the form of HOPE, CARE, EMPATHY, PRAYER, and FRIENDSHIP! Thank you For The 10
— Deb Martello; Army Trail Elementary
For The 10 has shared values that touch the heart of our communities. They have brought together loving and caring individuals who cherish their neighbors.
— Rod Craig; Mayor: Hanover Park
What a high impact connection in bringing in-the-trenches business and church leaders together. Thank you For The 10 for offering the Global Leadership Summit event to our community.
— David Riemenschneider; Sr. Pastor: Bloomingdale Church