Loving Where We Live
Love your neighbor as yourself.
— Matthew 22:39

For The 10 is a ministry of Mission Church rooted in this core value and simple Biblical commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Since Mission’s inception in October of 2011, it has sought to not just be a church in the neighborhood, but for the neighborhood, and as such, For The 10 was formed as an expression of this commitment to our city.

For The 10 exists to serve the people of The 10 by identifying, funding and supporting needs in the community in unprecedented ways. Unconditionally.  Without strings attached or hidden agenda.

We achieve this vision by funding and organizing, along with our generous sponsors, initiatives that we believe: are meeting tangible needs, are not already being done by others, are scalable, and that can be done exceptionally.

Our current initiatives include The Global Leadership SummitProject Just Start, the Holiday Gift MartDuPage PADS, and the Extra Mile Award.


If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the efforts of For The 10 you can do so below.


What Is The 10?
Simply stated, The 10 is the geographic area we feel called to serve first. Our focus on The 10 is in no way intended to diminish needs in other areas. We believe we have been called to serve The 10, and that by narrowing our focus on this area we can have a greater collective impact upon it.

190625-The 10 Map-02.png

Bounded by Route 83, North Avenue, Route 59 and Irving Park Road, The 10 includes the towns of: Addison, Wood Dale, Itasca, Medinah, Bloomingdale, Roselle, Glendale Heights, Carol Stream, Bartlett and Hanover Park.

There are ~262,000 that people that live in The 10. To put that into perspective, that is similar to the populations of well-known U.S. cities such as Buffalo, NY, Lincoln, NE, Orlando, FL and Madison, WI. In other words, The 10 is big enough to dream about having a major impact in, and small enough to actually pull it off.

Hidden among that population in suburban Chicago are >23,000 people living below poverty. Yes, you read that correctly. We were blown away to find this out ourselves, but it is true.

Therefore, we believe that there are plenty of ways to serve The 10 that are currently not being met. Ultimately our hope is to transform The 10 into a destination to live and a place that residents are increasingly proud to call home.


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About Mission Church

Mission Church aspires to be a church not just in the neighborhood, but for the neighborhood, and as such, is passionate about giving back generously to The 10. For additional information about Mission Church visit our website.

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