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What Is The Holiday Gift Mart?

Thousands of parents throughout the 10 struggle to provide for their families, let alone purchase Christmas gifts for their children.  While we agree that Christmas gifts are not everything, there is something very powerful about these gifts unifying a family and providing hope to children in the season of the year when it truly means the most. The Holiday Gift Mart was created to say to these families, “You are not forgotten.”

The Holiday Gift Mart was created to say to these families, “You are not forgotten.”

Each December, in partnership with our friends, sponsors and host schools, we set-up “toy stores” full of new donated toys in the school’s gymnasium on a specific day.  Families from that school are all invited to attend the Holiday Gift Mart, where they can shop for the perfect gifts for their children.  Proceeds from the toy sales, which cost $2 per toy but are generally valued at ~$10, are then given to the school to fund educational initiatives of their choice.

As a result, families are able to provide quality gifts for their children in a way that allows them to shop in a dignified manner and give back to their schools. Everybody wins. The parents, the children and the school!

In addition to toys, volunteers at the Holiday Gift Mart act as greeters, personal shoppers, gift wrappers, Christmas carolers and more. The environment is spectacular!

Since 2011 we have been able to provide over 13,000 gifts at 5 different schools in The 10.